Texas Winter League

Welcome to the Texas Winter and Summer Leagues.  These winter and summer baseball leagues are for current and aspiring professional baseball players seeking to improve their skills under the direction of veteran professional baseball managers and gain exposure to managers and coaches who have the ability to sign players to pro contracts for the upcoming regular season.


The 2014 Texas Winter League grew to over 100 players this year and saw almost 65% of players sign professional contracts with teams from various leagues around the country!


Last season's Texas Summer League saw over 50% of the players get offered contracts in 5 different independent leagues and join them midseason.


The TWL and TSL are committed to bringing in managers and coaches from around the country who represent both affiliated and independent teams. The 2014 seasons had representatives from the following leagues looking to sign players: American Association, Frontier League, United League, Can-Am League, Liga de Mexico, as well as coaches and scouts from the Phillies, Marlins, Orioles, Rays, and Diamondbacks.

Texas Summer League Updates:


4/18/14: 20 of the 60 TSL spots already taken


4/02/14: Early Bird Special Announced


3/26/14: Scott "Nate" Nathanson Announced as a Manager for 2014 TSL


3/24/14: Only 6 more days to take advantage of the "Opening Day" Special!


3/19/14: 10 TSL spots already taken


3/07/14: Texas Summer League Registration is Now Open

Countdown to the Texas Summer League

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